Who we are

House of Mob's chief fashion designer, Sam Mobley, knows that if you feel beautiful and fun, then you are beautiful and fun. She knows that when you feel happy and confident, you can do anything.

As a trained atelier and bespoke designer, she helps customize your personal expression with bespoke clothing and costumes for any occasion, holiday, or event.

Sam is also a skilled artist, working in a variety of mediums - to include fabric.

W. Garrett Mobley is often House of Mob's front man, but everyone knows as much help as he is with designing and building accessories and fashion show props, Sam is the real brains of fashion side of the House of Mob.

He is also a science fiction, fantasy, and horror writer working under the name William Boulanger, his stepfather's last name.

Together, the pair believe that regardless if it's an outfit, an art piece, or a costume - that their creations need to tell a story.

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